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The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

$14.95 $17.95 saving $3.00

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

$14.95 $17.95 saving $3.00

A practical, portable measurement device to properly measure 6 feet of social distance, the Social Stick is a retractable 6-foot long stick that fits in your pocket or purse, but can easily EXTEND and PROTECT.

The Social Stick is an everyday essential that keeps you safe wherever you go. You can feel secure in your ability to properly measure the distance between yourself and others. It also is a great gift for those you want to help protect. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, a stocking stuffer, or just something cool to give a friend or family member, the Social Stick is the most practical and thoughtful option.

Due to the demand for social distancing tools right now, they're going quickly! So get your order in now to secure your freedom and safety.

Perfect for keeping a safe, social distance, the Social Stick is a telescoping stainless steel stick that when fully extended is exactly 6 feet in length. When fully retracted, this measurement tool is only about 11inches in length. Weighing only a few ounces, this Social Stick is easily portable and will help remind you, and others, to keep the federally mandated social distance.

Note: the Social Stick does not open automatically.


Check out our story on Denver News!

Social Stick USA had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fox 31 Denver News and share about the Social Stick and how easy it is to use and keep you at the proper distance from others! You can watch the interview above and check out some behind-the-scenes below.

Here we are talking social distancing and addressing the question:

"How far is 6 feet, really?" 

And a behind-the-scenes of our fulfillment center! 

Here's how Noelle used it to teach her kids
about social distancing!

The Social Stick makes a wonderful gift for loved ones as it is the quickest and easiest measurement device that's exactly 6 feet long. Family and restaurant/business packs are available at discounted rates.

For more information check out our legal page here.

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Customer Reviews

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Bought for Fun

I bought these with the intention of being a gag gift. It has brought several hours of fun and laughter with the people who bought it. Easily expands and I love the soft grips on it, making it easier to grip.

Social Stick Works Great

I work at a school district and when I found the Social Stick, I was thrilled. We needed a tool to measure all of the classrooms at the District and they are perfect for the job. I love that they collapse to a smaller size to carry or keep in your desk. Good job! Thank you!!


The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Meets all expectations!

I sought out for a telescopic 6 foot stick and boy did I get one. A little less funny now that the person I bought it for had covid.... BUT has recovered 100% so may be needed in the future

Social distancing stick

I absolutely love this stick! Most of the time people don’t have a real concept of what 6’ is but this visual helps and it’s easy to carry!