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The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Love it

I really love the product it’s a polite way of telling people to back up lol . I also love the design very stylish! Thank you so much

Bought for Fun

I bought these with the intention of being a gag gift. It has brought several hours of fun and laughter with the people who bought it. Easily expands and I love the soft grips on it, making it easier to grip.

Social Stick Works Great

I work at a school district and when I found the Social Stick, I was thrilled. We needed a tool to measure all of the classrooms at the District and they are perfect for the job. I love that they collapse to a smaller size to carry or keep in your desk. Good job! Thank you!!

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Meets all expectations!

I sought out for a telescopic 6 foot stick and boy did I get one. A little less funny now that the person I bought it for had covid.... BUT has recovered 100% so may be needed in the future

Social distancing stick

I absolutely love this stick! Most of the time people don’t have a real concept of what 6’ is but this visual helps and it’s easy to carry!

Social hilarity

Having too much fun jabbing folks with my social dissent stick

Very handy convenient tool

I just used this tool to ensure proper spacing during an outdoor activity with students. They definitely were underestimating the 6 foot distance. They responded well to the spacer. It’s not too “invasive.”


Really great quality and just awesome

Great idea!

The social stick reminds me that not everybody is willing to stay 6 feet away, so if I need to remind myself to "stop" them, the stick is a good tool. I cannot believe that some do not take it seriously, Our school districts closed their in-person classes again. Parents are sending their kids to school sick. I CARE!

Works wonders

I use it at work and in the grocery store to keep people away from me.

Just what I ordered

I bought the 8-pack and gave one to each of my co-workers. They are easy to extend, good for spacing chairs apart, teaching what 6 feet looks like, and it puts a smile on people's faces when they see it. Unique product, shipped quickly and is exactly what I expected.


Love the product but the handle would be better if made out of plastic or wood. Not sure the foam handle will survive if used often.

Fun & Practical

Quality item, not just a toy.

Love my Social Stick!

I’m an elementary teacher and the social stick is helping me visually enforce the 6ft Social distancing rule at school!

Great stick

This stick was not only good for keeping 6ft away but also fun. Buy it, you’ll enjoy it and feel safe!


I’m a teacher and ordered this tool to help my students with social distancing. It is remarkable how far 6 feet really is. Thank you for this simple but useful tool.

Well done

It very cool thank you

Social Stick

I think these are I bought 4 more! A perfect six feet once pulled out. It’s cool!

Great for social distancing!

We used our social stick to place chairs apart at outdoor gatherings and remind people how far 6 feet is. It’s been super useful!

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Great product!

We have been working all summer to get our school ready to reopen amid COVID19 with social distancing guidelines in place. I had just asked my facilities manager to get me a 6 foot wooden stick because using a measuring tape to space desks and play with various furniture configurations was getting a little tedious. I discovered the social stick via a google search and bought a pack of 8 to see what we thought. My whole team loved them and we realized we didn't have enough! Back I went for another 8 -- I think we're good now, but who knows, once the teachers come back, they may each want their own :). It is hard to visualize 6 feet and especially in the educational realm, any physical method of demonstrating proper social distancing is welcomed.

Love this

I use it at work to remind people how long 6ft really is. It's hilarious and will help keep me a little safer in this pandemic.