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What is 6 Feet? (Let's Explore!)

What is 6 Feet? (Let's Explore!)

Recently we were asked how we really know what six feet is. Aside from using a tape measure or our Social Stick, we didn't have a good answer. So, we did some brainstorming and decided that we could help with some easy visual measurements. From Michael Jordan to Danny DeVito, we've compiled a quick and easy list for you to tell if you're safely using 6 feet during this time of social distancing. 

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Bought for Fun

I bought these with the intention of being a gag gift. It has brought several hours of fun and laughter with the people who bought it. Easily expands and I love the soft grips on it, making it easier to grip.

Social Stick Works Great

I work at a school district and when I found the Social Stick, I was thrilled. We needed a tool to measure all of the classrooms at the District and they are perfect for the job. I love that they collapse to a smaller size to carry or keep in your desk. Good job! Thank you!!

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Meets all expectations!

I sought out for a telescopic 6 foot stick and boy did I get one. A little less funny now that the person I bought it for had covid.... BUT has recovered 100% so may be needed in the future

Social distancing stick

I absolutely love this stick! Most of the time people don’t have a real concept of what 6’ is but this visual helps and it’s easy to carry!