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American aren't the only ones socially distancing. Recently, the city of Toronto has posted signs encouraging people to stay 2 meters apart "About the length of a hockey stick." with accompanying message of all parks and playgrounds being closed.

Local residents are encouraged to stay home except for essential travel, practice physical distancing, and support others following the same plan.

While we don't currently ship to Canada (As Of May 4th, 2020), we love the creativity and ingenuity of using a 'Very Canadian' tool of measurement (hockey sticks) to facilitate safe social interactions.


David Colebrook (COO Of The Harvey's Burger Chain) has said they've been using hockey sticks attached to debit card machines as a means to protect both fast food workers and customers. "Only in Canada, would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey's burgers"

Read the full MSN Article here. 

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The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Love it

I really love the product it’s a polite way of telling people to back up lol . I also love the design very stylish! Thank you so much

Bought for Fun

I bought these with the intention of being a gag gift. It has brought several hours of fun and laughter with the people who bought it. Easily expands and I love the soft grips on it, making it easier to grip.

Social Stick Works Great

I work at a school district and when I found the Social Stick, I was thrilled. We needed a tool to measure all of the classrooms at the District and they are perfect for the job. I love that they collapse to a smaller size to carry or keep in your desk. Good job! Thank you!!

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)