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The Best Social Distancing Tools

The Best Social Distancing Tools

While we know we're the home of the original social distancing stick / social distancing pole...there are folks out there coming up with their own ingenious ways to socially distance safely.

Here are our favorites:

Best Social Distancing Tool For Big Business: has developed a solution that enforces and tracks contact tracing. Meant for medium to large sized business, especially in warehousing, their wearable solution is super cool! It allows the business to 'to rapidly identify all the employees and areas that have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.' Although their solution isn't quite as cheap as other methods, it's a high-tech option for businesses that demand higher transparency.


Best Homemade/DIY Social Distancing Tool:

The social distancing doughnut by Youtuber FunWithWoodworking

We're super impressed with the ease of creation, price tag (under $30), and pure genius that this social distancing device embodies. Although it's not 6 feet, we applaud the fun but practical attempt at creating a personal device for safe social distancing. We can't say we're gonna be using this one, but it'd make for a great Halloween costume in the coming years. Just throw on one of our 'Stay Back 6 Feet' shirts, and you'll be good to go.

Best Overall Social Distancing Tool

We might be 'tooting our own horn' here, but we think it's The Social Stick.

It's been called a social distancing pole, stick, and poker. Customer product suggestions/upgrades have been suggested from making it spring loaded to adding a taser on the end. In the end, we think that The Social Stick is highly practical, cheap, lightweight and generally usable by everyone. 

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