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How You Can Help With Covid-19

How You Can Help With Covid-19

So you're just the average American looking to help with preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). What are the most useful things you can do in April 2020?
1. Stay at home
This one is fairly simple. Staying at home and avoiding 'non-essential' trips outside your home will greatly reduce your interaction with others. Plan on making trips out of your residence for groceries, gas, medicine/doctors, and perhaps for going on a walk. Here is a great video on things you should and shouldn't do while on a stay at home order. 
2. Donate To Non-Profits
Supporting non-profits responding to COVID-19 is a great way to help the global/national cause of reducing and ending the spread of Coronavirus. Charity Navigator is a great resource for determining which non-profit you'd like to support and the types of assistance they're looking for. Donations range from volunteering, monetary donations, and physical goods.

3. Practice Social Distancing
Keeping a safe distance when you're out and about (6 feet suggested) is a great way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus as well as making sure you're not in someone's personal 'bubble'. We have another great blog on 'Why 6 Feet', if you'd like to learn more about that. And of course... The Social Stick is a great tool for measuring 6 feet. 
4. Keep Your Spirits Up
Mental health is just as important as physical health. Exercise at home using body weight techniques, jogging in place, or any of your other favorite in-door activities. Remember to try and get your body moving for 30 minutes a day. Find outlets like reading, board games, and cleaning. A little change of pace goes a long way for your mental wellbeing.
Overall, reducing the spread of COVID-19 is a world-wide effort. The Social Stick USA team is here to help. Remember to be safe and Extend And Protect!
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