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Our Favorite Social Distancing Signs

Funny Social Distancing Signs

We felt like everyone could use a little lighthearted entertainment, so we compiled our favorite social distancing signs.

The "At Least 1 Dolphin Apart, Please"

At Least One Dolphin Apart

It has one review.. "We put this sign on our pool deck to jog people's memories about the new normal. Mostly everyone pays attention. But if someone is getting too close, a gesture or even just a glance towards the sign serves as a friendly reminder of what we all need to do now. "

The "Not too close, honey." sign

-Dylan Coonrad "Street Signs for a Socially Distant Era (A Love Letter to NYC)" Dylan's full article is here. Dylan’s designs have been featured by the New York Times, NBC, Fast Company, and many others.

Finally, the Social Distancing Champion Bigfoot T-Shirt is quite hilarious. Although it isn't a 'sign' per-se...You can keep safe from germs, flu, colds, and a crazy virus with this funny Bigfoot shirt (hand sanitizer not included)

Funny Bigfoot Social Distancing Shirt

We hope you got a laugh out of these and, as always, stay safe and healthy out there. Stay up to date on the latest Social Stick news by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Social Distancing Hats?

Social Distancing Hats?

Social Distancing Hats

People everywhere are getting creative with ways to enforce the social distancing standards recommended by health organizations around the world. One town, Hangzhou, China, has elected to send kids back to school. In order to promote the 6 feet of social distance for children, they have designed a hat that measures 1 meter across.
Sure, this might not be the whole 6 feet of distance being promoted but it does address a question a lot of people are having:
How do we help children understand how to maintain a safe social distance? 
Heck, it's hard as adults to truly understand how far 6 feet is and frankly, it's farther than you would think (enter Social Stick). This school has come up with a creative way to visualize that social distance and what's even cuter, a lot of kids are electing to decorate their hats with everything from construction paper birds and leaves to balloons and googly eyes.
Photo by New York Daily News. 


Even cooler, this concept for distancing hats isn't new according to Eileen Chengyin Chow (@chowleen) in this tweet about a practice during the Song Dynasty time period:

"The long horizontal plumes on Song Dynasty toppers were supposedly to prevent officials from conspiring sotto voce with one another while at court—so social distancing was in fact their original function!" - Eileen Chow

We're all just trying to make some sense out of these times and this story especially warmed our hearts. 
You can read the whole story, here


Social Distancing and 6 Feet Go Hand-In-Hand

Social Distancing and 6 Feet Go Hand-In-Hand

American aren't the only ones socially distancing. Recently, the city of Toronto has posted signs encouraging people to stay 2 meters apart "About the length of a hockey stick." with accompanying message of all parks and playgrounds being closed.

Local residents are encouraged to stay home except for essential travel, practice physical distancing, and support others following the same plan.

While we don't currently ship to Canada (As Of May 4th, 2020), we love the creativity and ingenuity of using a 'Very Canadian' tool of measurement (hockey sticks) to facilitate safe social interactions.


David Colebrook (COO Of The Harvey's Burger Chain) has said they've been using hockey sticks attached to debit card machines as a means to protect both fast food workers and customers. "Only in Canada, would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey's burgers"

Read the full MSN Article here. 

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