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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

2020 has been an interesting year for everyone... We'd like to think that Halloween will happen, but hopefully in small groups with a focus on social distancing and safety. With that in mind, we've created our 'Favorite and Best Halloween Costumes for 2020' list.

In no particular order...

1. Joe Exotic (The Tiger King) - The best costume for wanting to get recognized and/or the best costume for couples halloween.

Joe Exotic Halloween Costume 2020

Few shows have captivated audiences as much as Tiger King the documentary. At a time when we were all stuck at home in isolation, with nothing else to do and after already finishing all of our other favorite shows... Tiger King was the True Crime style documentary that saved us from everything that was going on in the world. Carole Baskin would be the perfect costume to compliment your Joe Exotic outfit.

Top things to include for the perfect Tiger King Halloween Costume:

-Mullet Wig/Hat

-Handlebar mustache


-Animal print shirt (The 'louder' the better)

Find a pre-made Joe Exotic - The Tiger King costume on Amazon

2. A Karen - The best slightly 'inside-joke' Halloween costume

For those asking 'What is a Karen?'... According to

Karen is a slang term for an entitled and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people's behaviors.

As featured in memes (Reddit), Karen is generally stereotyped as having a blonde bob haircut, asking to speak to retail and restaurant managers to voice complaints or make demands.

In 2020, Karen spread as a label used to call out white women who were captured in viral videos engaging in what are widely seen as racist or sexist acts.

Get the Karen Wig for the perfect Karen Halloween Costume:

Make sure you grab a Social Stick to make your Karen costume complete. Don't forget to shout '6 Feet!'

3. A Gruesome Coke Can Accident - Our favorite for someone looking to do a more homemade Halloween costume.

This one is definitely more homemade than our other costumes. Inspired by a video from USA Today, we think it's perfect for a fun budget Halloween costume for 2020.

This one is totally, simple, fun and easy for anyone to do. Just be sure to choose your favorited canned beverage and bring a few extras to for friends to share!


There you have it folks. Our three favorite Halloween costumes for Funny, Witty, and DIY 2020. Be sure to be safe and have fun out there!


The Best Social Distancing Tools

The Best Social Distancing Tools

While we know we're the home of the original social distancing stick / social distancing pole...there are folks out there coming up with their own ingenious ways to socially distance safely.

Here are our favorites:

Best Social Distancing Tool For Big Business: has developed a solution that enforces and tracks contact tracing. Meant for medium to large sized business, especially in warehousing, their wearable solution is super cool! It allows the business to 'to rapidly identify all the employees and areas that have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.' Although their solution isn't quite as cheap as other methods, it's a high-tech option for businesses that demand higher transparency.


Best Homemade/DIY Social Distancing Tool:

The social distancing doughnut by Youtuber FunWithWoodworking

We're super impressed with the ease of creation, price tag (under $30), and pure genius that this social distancing device embodies. Although it's not 6 feet, we applaud the fun but practical attempt at creating a personal device for safe social distancing. We can't say we're gonna be using this one, but it'd make for a great Halloween costume in the coming years. Just throw on one of our 'Stay Back 6 Feet' shirts, and you'll be good to go.

Best Overall Social Distancing Tool

We might be 'tooting our own horn' here, but we think it's The Social Stick.

It's been called a social distancing pole, stick, and poker. Customer product suggestions/upgrades have been suggested from making it spring loaded to adding a taser on the end. In the end, we think that The Social Stick is highly practical, cheap, lightweight and generally usable by everyone. 

Have other interesting products to share?  Reach out to us:

Our Favorite Social Distancing Signs

Funny Social Distancing Signs

We felt like everyone could use a little lighthearted entertainment, so we compiled our favorite social distancing signs.

The "At Least 1 Dolphin Apart, Please"

At Least One Dolphin Apart

It has one review.. "We put this sign on our pool deck to jog people's memories about the new normal. Mostly everyone pays attention. But if someone is getting too close, a gesture or even just a glance towards the sign serves as a friendly reminder of what we all need to do now. "

The "Not too close, honey." sign

-Dylan Coonrad "Street Signs for a Socially Distant Era (A Love Letter to NYC)" Dylan's full article is here. Dylan’s designs have been featured by the New York Times, NBC, Fast Company, and many others.

Finally, the Social Distancing Champion Bigfoot T-Shirt is quite hilarious. Although it isn't a 'sign' per-se...You can keep safe from germs, flu, colds, and a crazy virus with this funny Bigfoot shirt (hand sanitizer not included)

Funny Bigfoot Social Distancing Shirt

We hope you got a laugh out of these and, as always, stay safe and healthy out there. Stay up to date on the latest Social Stick news by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Bought for Fun

I bought these with the intention of being a gag gift. It has brought several hours of fun and laughter with the people who bought it. Easily expands and I love the soft grips on it, making it easier to grip.

Social Stick Works Great

I work at a school district and when I found the Social Stick, I was thrilled. We needed a tool to measure all of the classrooms at the District and they are perfect for the job. I love that they collapse to a smaller size to carry or keep in your desk. Good job! Thank you!!

The Social Stick - 6 Feet Of Social Distance (Ships Free)

Meets all expectations!

I sought out for a telescopic 6 foot stick and boy did I get one. A little less funny now that the person I bought it for had covid.... BUT has recovered 100% so may be needed in the future

Social distancing stick

I absolutely love this stick! Most of the time people don’t have a real concept of what 6’ is but this visual helps and it’s easy to carry!